Mountain Bike and Bicycle Tours in Ethiopia

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A great potential for adventure biking tours!

The beautiful and scenic landscape of Ethiopia gives adventure bikers unforgettable experiences. The high plateaus, gorges and valleys to the north, south and west parts of the country are ideal for biking tours. The bicycle tours can be organized off the main roads through the rugged terrains of the country for those looking for more challenges.

The biking tours will include visiting authentic villages and meeting local people. Historical and cultural attractions will also be included in the bicycle tours depending on the route you choose so that you will experience the rich culture as well as the ancient history of the country. During the tours, most of the nights will be spent in tents at selected camping areas; and breakfast and dinner will be served by our professional cooks.

The biking tours can be organized from one to three weeks period and may cover an average distance of 100km per day. A car will be supplied to all our biking tours to carry all your staffs, food and camping gears. And until now, there is no bicycle renting company in Ethiopia, and hence we advise those who would like to join our biking tours to bring their own bicycles, preferabley a Mountain Bike.

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