Bird Watching in Ethiopia

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bird watching tours in ethiopia

Ethiopia is a paradise for bird watchers and ornithologists!

Ethiopia offers unique natural environment for wide variety of bird species. It has many outstanding places for bird watchers and ornithologists. Ethiopia is nicknamed as bird watchers' paradise for its very rich variety of colorful birds. There are about 862 species registered of which 17 are endemic and other 13 are semi-endemic to the wilderness of the country. The Bale Mountains National Park, the Awash National Park, the Rift valley lakes region, the Simien Mountains National Park, and the lowlands are gifted with most endemic avifauna that are also ideal places for bird watchers and ornithologists. In Ethiopia, it is possible to spot many birds throughout the year in the forests, lakes and mountains as a result of its year round nice weather. The best time though is from September to April.

Bird Watching Tours

We organize bird-watching tours in Ethiopia escorted by bird expert guides. We guarantee you to spot number of bird species of Ethiopia closely within few days of stay in their specially chosen wilderness of the gifted land. Suggested Itinerary