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Danakil Depression - One of the lowest places in the World!

Danakil Depressions (120 meters below sea level) is one of the lowest points on the planet. It is located in North Eastern part of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, in the Afar Region. Danakil depression offers a land of beautiful colors of volcanic salt rocks. It is near by the place where the Afar people extract salt bricks and charge their caravan of dromedaries for their long travel to the highland market.

This place is also very near to the part of the Rift Valley archeological study site of human evolution, especially to the Hadar area in the Afar triangle, where world’s most complete fossil “Lucy" is unearthed in 1974.


Erta Ale Volcano EthiopiaAccording to volcanologists, Erta Ale is the part of volcanic system of the east African rift valley with the formation of new ocean millions years ago and created the mountain of boiling lava lakes or caldera at the summit composing volcanic shields slept parallel with The Red Sea level. Many active volcanoes exist in the area. The remarkable active volcanic caldera Mount Erta Ale which means “a smoking mountain” is an interesting place of adventure.

Mount Erta Ale raises 613 meters, with active lava lake on the top of it. The temperature sometimes reaches 50oc or 122oF. The area offers quiet phenomena sprinkling big bubbles of gasses constantly. And at night, the lake lights up the sky. 


Erta Ale Volcano Tours

Desert Adventure EthiopiaWe organize adventure desert holidays to the Danakil Depression escorted by expert guides. Professional cooks, camping facilities, comfortable vehicles covered with comprehensive insurance and experienced drivers will accompany the tour. We will also be accompanied by security police guards all the way in order to make sure your safety and security.

And the best time to visit the area is from mid of October until the end of March. Please check out our Suggested Itinerary here.

We guarantee you a lifetime adventure with us!